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Asked Questions

  • Why is my check up not 6 monthly anymore?
    We are a prototype NHS practice, trialling the best way to deliver dentistry within the NHS. We are ensuring to see those that in higher need to be seen ore frequently to improve their oral health and those that already ahve good oral hygiene and diet, we can see less frequently.
  • Are you accepting new NHS patients?
    If we have the capacity, we are more than happy to register to our practice, just call our practice in the normal opening hours and one of our team members will be happy to help you.
  • Do you offer cosmetic treatments at your practice?
    Yes! If you are registered, then you can always request a consultation appointment for your cosmetic needs. We currently have a £60 consultation offer that we'll deduct from your cosmetic treatment costs! Call us on 0161 2051654
  • I'm not registered at your practice but I have a toothache and it's kept me awake all night, what can I do?"
    You can call the dental emergency number on Greater Manchester Urgent Dental Care Telephone 0333 332 3800 8AM-10PM 7 DAYS PER WEEK # OUTSIDE OF THESE HOURSE PLEASE CALL NHS 111
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